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If you have a sample, the combiventrespimat inhaler is locked after 60 puffs 60 doses .

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Click here for full Prescribing Information and Patient Instructions for Use.

Safety and effectiveness in the pediatric population have not been established.

Albuterol/ipratropium may cause hypokalemia (low potassium). Therefore.combining albuterol/ipratropium with loop diuretics which reduce potassium in the body.for example.furosemide (Lasix) may increase the likelihood of hypokalemia.Generic Name. albuterol and ipratropium (inhalation) (Pronunciation. al BUE ter ol and IP ra TRO pee um)

Hypersensitivity reactions including what is the cost of a combivent inhaler.angioedema.rash.bronchospasm.anaphylaxis.and oropharyngeal edema may occur. If such a reaction occurs.therapy with COMBIVENT RESPIMAT should be stopped at once and alternative treatment should be considered.

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