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Together let's boost sustainable businesses

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A peer-to-peer accelerator

Impact 101 is a peer-to-peer entrepreneurial ecosystem designed to generate sustainable innovation. We help accelerate positive impact projects from ideas to demo through incubation, monthly co-creation events and mentorship.

Sustainable innovation, the new normal in doing business !

We focus on projects that match two criterias:

  1. 1 – Answer real needs within the sustainable development goals framework,

  2. 2 – Have a working business model that guarantees the sustainability and continuity of the project at the same time as its positive impact on society and on the environment.

How does it work ?

# Incubation

We provide 3 months incubation at transforma bxl, in a safe and curated environment to allow entrepreneurs to kick start their projects.

# Co-creation event

We organise monthly events where inspiring sustainable entrepreneurs pitch their projects, present their challenges, and benefit from a collective facilitated brainstorming to generate ideas and identify solutions to their challenges.

# Mentoring

Experienced entrepreneurs mentor and support new entrepreneurs committed to sustainable projects.

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Who we are

Impact 101 is a co-created project by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, supported by transforma bxl, whose members collaborate with passion and energy to drive forward entrepreneurial projects that positively impact the world.


# Philippe Drouillon

Philippe is a biochemistry and biotechnology engineer; he spent 23 years in various jobs in a multinational chemical company. He then started his own venture — Metamorphosis — to help organisations and teams in domains he is passionate about: sustainability, collective intelligence, large group and team dynamics, out-of-the-box/strategic/systems thinking, agile & cooperative governance, breakthrough learning processes and innovative business models.

# Anis Bedda

Cofounder of transforma bxl, coworking and innovation space. Anis also co-founded the Intrapreneurship Conference, the premier global gathering of Intrapreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs, innovation managers and innovation experts. With these two initiatives, he helps organisations tap into the potential of their staff to generate innovation in return of engagement, fulfilment and happiness at work. 

# Vincent Jauneau

Vincent is an entrepreneur. He loves rock music and rocking the boat, generating ideas and solving problems (as long as it’s not math). As a bass player, he’s naturally a team player, a band lover. He writes the music of his life in H major : Happiness, Harmony, Horizon. In people he trusts, for great and exciting adventures only happen when you’re arms open, curious and enthusiastic. He joined the « Impact 101 » team as an Ecosystem Builder to help boosting sustainable businesses.  

Initiative powered by