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We boost sustainable businesses from zero to demo.


We accelerate change

We believe that technology, entrepreneurship, and finance together can help us overcome the world’s biggest challenges.

That’s why we support impact-driven ventures using technology to generate sustainable innovation. We allow tech startups to grow, become prosperous and scalable businesses launching game-changing products or services.

We focus on helping projects that match two criteria:

1 – Answer real needs within the sustainable development goals framework.

2 – Have a working business model that guarantees the sustainability and continuity of the project at the same time as its positive impact on society and on the environment.


Sustainable inovation, the new normal in doing bussiness!

We focus on solving the world’s biggest problems, accelerating positive change and helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals around three main dimensions :

  • Making sure that we serve the basic needs of all people (Energy, Shelter, Health, Education, Security)
  • Sustaining and improving everyone’s quality of life (Environment, Food, Water, Prosperity)
  • Strengthening communities resilience towards future risks (Governance, Disaster prevention & management, Social ties)

How does it work?


We provide 4 months incubation at transforma bxl, in a safe and curated environment to allow entrepreneurs to kick start their projects.

#Monthly co-creation events

We organise monthly events where inspiring sustainable entrepreneurs pitch their projects, present their challenges, and benefit from a collective facilitated brainstorming to generate ideas and identify solutions to their challenges.


Experienced entrepreneurs mentor and support new entrepreneurs committed to sustainable projects

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Who we are

Impact 101 is a co-created project by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, supported by transforma bxl, whose members collaborate with passion and energy to drive forward entrepreneurial projects that positively impact the world.

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